Welcome to Wayve.

We're developing the world's first portable water filter that doubles as a reusable water bottle cap. Now, you can have an easy, compact, and eco-friendly solution for accessing clean drinking water on-the-go.

Our Mission

To provide you with an easy and 

eco-friendly solution for getting

clean, safe drinking water on-the-go.

The Vision

To change the way people drink water,

improve the livelihood of millions of people,

and reduce harmful impacts on the environment.

The Team


Founder & CEO

In February 2019, a Senior Project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo turned into a mission to tackle water poverty across the world. After partaking in a Summer Accelerator and securing $10,000 in grant funding, Wayve was officially on its way to becoming a business and achieving Sierra's vision.

After graduating with a degree in Business, Entrepreneurship, Sierra began work on Wayve full-time. With experience working for several startups, leading the Cal Poly Entrepreneurs club as President, and mentoring student entrepreneurs in the CIE student Hatchery program, Sierra brings years of leadership, pitching, and business development skills to the table. Now, Wayve operates in the Cal Poly CIE Incubator program with Sierra at the helm. 


Head of Product

Garrett's journey with entrepreneurship accelerated when he founded his own startup, Ethic Marketplace—making it easy for conscious consumers to find and purchase sustainable and eco-friendly products.

After graduating with a degree in Liberal Arts & Engineering Studies from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Garrett took the lead on Product Development and Design for Wayve. He brings technical expertise and leadership skills to Wayve, heading our team of Cal Poly student engineering interns and taking charge of logistics concerning patent filing, manufacturing, and quality assurance.

Advisory Board


Business Advisor

Charles Gerencser is a Partner at RELENTLESS Management Group focused on sales initiatives, new business, acquisitions and exits. Prior to joining the company he ran former RELENTLESS portfolio company SMS Masterminds as Chief Revenue Officer and Executive General Manager and was instrumental in growing SMS Masterminds’ vast network of market exclusive licensees both for their revolutionary digital customer loyalty/mobile engagement marketing and digital services platforms, he exited the company through its successful sale to a major private equity group. Mr. Gerencser also created the RELENTLESS Business Development and Sales Automation Division, which focuses on driving meaningful sales for all RELENTLESS portfolio companies. An accomplished expert in sales and marketing, Mr. Gerencser has held executive and director positions at various media and technology companies including GANNETT, The McClatchy Company and iHeartMedia. Mr. Gerencser graduated Cum Laude from The Anderson School of Business at The University of California, Riverside. A native of Bronx, New York he lives in San Luis Obispo, CA with his wife and two daughters.


Engineering Advisor

Thomas Katona has experience working in technology based start-ups in roles that span product marketing and engineering. He enjoys creating unique business models and products that are derived from customer needs finding and user experience and sees these skills as an extremely valuable mindset that is far too often overlooked in entrepreneurial ventures. He began teaching at Cal Poly in 2014 and teaches both in the Orfalea College of Business and College of Engineering, using project based learning as his primary teaching method. His teaching focusses on entrepreneurship, product design, and design thinking and he’s been instrumental at working with other faculty and staff of the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship to formalize cross-college entrepreneurship curriculum. Dr. Katona also serves as the Faculty Director of the Innovation Sandbox, a hybrid new technology demonstration and maker space where technology meets creativity.

Prior to joining the faculty at Cal Poly, Dr. Katona was part of several start-up companies working on light emitting diodes and lighting systems that utilize those components. He served in roles running engineering and product marketing and enjoys the creative tension that exists between those roles. His startups included founder, government, and venture capital funded models with over $100M in VC funding and $10M in SBIR funding. This experience in a variety of funding models gives him unique insight on sources of capital for different types and maturity of businesses.