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We can’t assume our water is safe to drink.

One-fourth of Americans drink water from systems that don’t meet safety standards.

I take for granted that the water from our kitchen tap is clean and safe. In fact, that’s what most Americans assume. But should we?

National Geographic  •  5 min read

6 Reasons You're Getting Sick Traveling Abroad

Afraid of getting sick while traveling to another country? You’re not alone.

How many times have you heard the phrase: “Don’t drink the tap water!” when prepping for an international trip? This warning does not go unwarranted...

Sierra Scolaro  •  3 min read

Drinking Water Safety for Travelers

Nothing ruins a good trip like getting sick — and we’re not talking about a few extra bathroom stops.

Contaminated drinking water is one of the leading sources of health problems for travelers, and can cause anything from mild gastrointestinal distress to...

Smarter Travel Media  •  5 min read